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About the US Dekhockey Federation

“What’s that?” (We get this a lot.)

Dekhockey is the official title of organized street hockey.  

Anyone Can Play.

This is a running game with light weight equipment, played similarly to ice hockey.  Identical to its icy counterpart, a regulation game consists of three periods with officiating and score keeping. Stick handling, passing, and shooting are the basic skills which provide an exciting and fast paced game. However, unlike ice hockey, body checking is not allowed.

Dekhockey is the fun of hockey – for people of all ages – without the constraints of the game on ice.

The traditional game of hockey presents a rink full of limitations: expensive equipment, limited locations (you need a lot of frozen water somewhere to create that rink), costly maintenance (those infamous ice re-surfacers can price into the low six figures), and the daunting mastery of ice skating skills.

Dekhockey isn’t about limits. It’s all about thinking outside the rink.

This classic game is user-friendly for boys and girls as well as men and women. Age, athleticism, and aptitude are not limiting factors.

Dekhockey is an inclusive, not exclusive, game!

The equipment is minimal and inexpensive. The location is practically limitless. Anywhere there is a safe and flat surface you can rink off works just fine. No uniform is required. Comfy clothes along with running or court shoes, shin pads, and helmets are all that are required. For safety purposes, goalies are required to wear full gear.  As for skill, if you can run and carry a hockey stick, you can play Dekhockey!
This sport welcomes the novice, encourages the aspiring, and challenges the competitive.

Dekhockey offers entertaining play for the casual, local leagues for the invested, as well as national and international tournaments for the serious.
Ready to play? Contact us and we’ll help you get onto the rink.

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